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The Wonders of Australian Technology

Clean & Simple to Use

25 year Cabinet Guarantee

Unique non-clogging water distributor for better cooling

Self Cleaning Mechanism

24 hour auto timer

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Breezair - Leaders of Evaporative Cooling in Pakistan, Since 2003

Ansa International brings Pakistan the innovative technology to maximize comfort by immensely
reducing your cooling costs

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Breezair at the Siemens Data Center, UK.

Breezair is approved for installation at Data Centers

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High Quality Decor (From Belgium)


Made and Assembled in Australia

Made and Assembled in the advanced lands of the kangaroos, our technology guarantees both efficiency and quality.

90% Cost  Reduction

The Breeazir TBA 550 model reduces running costs to as low as Rs. 5000 each month without losing out on efficiency!

Not a Desert Cooler!

Quite the opposite is true: Breezeair stops water droplets which cause dampness

25 Years Warrantee

Get factory backed Warrantee by Seeley International. We confirm both your comfort and insurance!

Sole Distributors in Pakistan

ANSA International represents sole distribution in Pakistan of Breezair and all Seeley Brands.

Cool a 1 Kanal house in Rs. 400/Month

The world’s 1st inverter technology cooler Ex-210 can function as low as 70 watts!

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Awards and Guarantees


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Evaporative Cooling

Introducing a revolutionary concept in residential and industrial cooling – the Breezair evaporative air conditioning system from Seeley International. Drawing on over forty five years of experience in climate control, Breezair has designed its Cooling system around one of nature’s own, the principle of evaporation. The result is sheer cooling genius.

Сustomer Support

Advanced Technology

Breezair uses the most innovative advance techonology available in the world today. Apart from the incredibly efficient fan and motor system, Breezair Coolers have many special features that set us apart from our competitors. Among other things this includes Axial and Centrifugal Fans and Clever SensorTouch® Control.


Breezair Operating Costs

Compared to our competitors which offer axial and reverse cycle cooling methods, Breezair delivers top performance with remarkable difference in operating costs. With rising costs of electirity today, this makes having Breezair even more advantageous. Infact, cost reduction has been one of the primary goals of Seeley International.

Our units feature advanced technology and a range of unique and clever design features that combine to achieve the highest cooling performance.

Our primary focus has been to lower the costs of our customers and increase their comfort. This motto has guided us to achieve international success.
Our Australian made products feature unparalleled innovation in cooling technology which do not compromise on cooling and yet decrease costs.
Worry less about repairs and guarantees with our 25 Years Seeley Intl. warrantee & 5 years extendable warrantee. You’re covered for years to come.

Unique Robotically Engineered Chillcel Pads!

Breezair Coolers feature special ChillCel pads at least 90mm thick, which stops all particles upto 2 microns small. We manufacture our own pads and match them perfectly to each cooler model for optimum efficiency.

Seeley International is the first evaporative air cooler manufacturer in the world to pass the stringent VDI (Verein Deutscher Ingenieure) and achieve VDI Standard 6022 compliance.

I have noticed a remarkable decrease in dust and improvement in air freshness in my house!

Without the satisfaction of our clients, our work would have no meaning


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